Saturday, July 14, 2012

My name is Heather Rode.

I’ve lived in Arizona for 30+ years with no complaints. I’ve traveled to almost every united state, but Arizona remains my favorite.

I have a strong background in customer service, sales, and management. I managed a very popular video game store that you’ve no doubt heard of before. After five years living that dream, I got a nice taste of the economy and was laid off. It was a blessing though because the politics that dictate the video game industry are a’changin’ and it was probably a good time to take a bow.

These days I’m getting fair mileage from my journalism degree. I blog and write for various websites as a freelance writer. Does this mean I do nothing all day and write in my underwear? Sometimes.

I married my long-time love in 2011. We started dating in 2003 so you could say we took our time! We live in a small Arizona town with our dog-child, a Husky named Bowie.

I enjoy all things pop culture. I’m happiest when I’m snapping a beautiful photo, working on a DIY project, crafting, and or baking/cooking. I cook/bake and craft something everyday. Life is awesome that way.

You can always reach me by e-mail: heatherhinch at gmail dot com.