Saturday, July 27, 2013

Easy Bottle Shelves

interior window shelving by Heather Says
interior window shelving, a photo by Heather Says on Flickr.

Here's the empty window (before) and the shelves (after).

I have a couple dozen colored glass bottles from our DIY wedding centerpieces. They were previously displayed on the tops of the kitchen cabinets in our first house and in our newer home too-- but I was never really happy with how they looked.

Building these shelves cost about $12.00. I purchased white wood lumber from Lowe's and they cut all the pieces for me too. Instead of mounting the shelves individually into the window frame, I built a stand alone shelf unit that is anchored (with screws) into the frame instead. This makes it super easy to take out and use somewhere else without a big hassle. I dry-painted the shelves with some left over paint from the china cabinet.

What about my husband and his concern about knocking them over? I lined the bottoms of the bottles with some hot glue before placing them on the shelves. They're not super strong, but it's enough of a hold to keep them in place from being bumped over. So far so good. We've had it up about three months and no issues.

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