Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kilby Bookshelf and Chalk Paint

ikea bookshelf makeover by Heather Says
ikea bookshelf makeover, a photo by Heather Says on Flickr.

I'm painting this bookshelf for my office. I was so eager to start that I didn't take before pics. I remembered near the end of the first coat and left a little spot naked for a picture. And it's actually upside down in case you were wondering.

It's from Ikea. While we have some really pretty pieces of furniture that came from Ikea, this bookshelf is not one of those. It's the Kilby and runs $24.99. I hated the color from the second I saw it. It's called "birch effect" which is just that-- a very fake-looking wood veneer illusion. The back is boring gray. It was super cheap, but not flimsy and I knew I would paint it anyway. Two months later, I finally am.

I'm experimenting with making my own chalk paint for the first time. I found a few different recipes/techniques online that people swear by. So we'll see how this goes and then I'll share the final recipe/verdict with you. I have no intention of buying my own chalk paint-- it's like 30 bucks a pint. The concept could really change my DIY life. Chalk paint goes on anything without any prep work. I might never have to buy trisodium phosphate ever again. So hopefully this works. I like to buy pretty paint on clearance for projects like this. That means a rainbow of chalk paint possibilities and a DIY-filled summer.

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