Monday, April 29, 2013

Reincarnating Last Night's Leftovers

I love cooking with leftovers and random items. It's a lot like a Chopped cooking challenge, except I have all the time in the world and 100% less Ted Allen. I've become pretty good at it. My husband didn't eat leftovers when we dated. He constantly says I am a wizard at transforming food, practically reincarnating it into a very different second life. If you're practicing doing the same, this egg dish is a nice place to begin. It's easy. The real trick or cheat is just knowing what tastes good and what tastes good together.

I like to use my leftovers to make kitchen sink omelets. Just hide everything in eggs and cheese. I haven't gone wrong yet. For dinner, I'll do an egg pizza rather than omelet. It tastes the same but I cook it in a Pyrex pie plate so it can be sliced and served like pizza slices. Similar to a frittata. It's more attractive than trying to share an omelet as a side dish but just as yummy.

This one had leftover turkey sausage from breakfast and veggies I needed to finish up (green peppers, potatoes, and onions). If I ever have left over potato pancakes, I dice them up and toss them in a egg pizza like this. Sooooo good!

Here's the recipe for the egg pizza in the picture.

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