Monday, September 23, 2013

Breaking Bad Cupcakes

Breaking Bad Cupcake by Heather Says
Breaking Bad Cupcake, a photo by Heather Says on Flickr.

So I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon and made Breaking Bad cupcakes. But mine have a little more thought put into them and are 100% from scratch. These babies are Walter White cupcakes with Jesse Pinkman frosting and Blue Sky crystals. The cake is a delicious and moist vanilla recipe, the frosting is a cherry almond buttercream and the fake candy meth is simply sugar and water.

Click here for the full recipes and steps.

I got them done just in time for last night's new episode. I can't believe there is just one episode left. AMC is having a Breaking Bad marathon that starts on Wednesday (this Wednesday) and runs all the way until Sunday, leading up to the new and final episode.

Will you be watching the marathon? Are you having a get-together for the final episode? If so, make these puppies for your guests! I must warn you though, you might get addicted!

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