Tuesday, November 26, 2013


The holidays are all up on! Are you panicked? Are you ready? I'm a little of both.

I can't even describe the level or state of chaos that is my kitchen. It's a haphazard mess in a quick countdown to Chanukkah and Thanksgiving. I unpacked our menorah and thanked myself for not cleaning off the wax last year. You can guess what I'll be doing in a little while.

Thanksgiving is at our home this year. It's just my husband and I but come Thursday there will be eight of us. Getting ready made us realize a few things. 1) We own two wine glasses, 2) Our kitchen table seats four and not even comfortably (we already knew this when we bought it) and 3) We don't have nearly enough serving utensils for all of the side dishes I've got in the works.

Luckily, World Market and Dollar Tree saved the day.

World Market is one of my most favorite places to shop, especially when they've got sales and coupons. I got a lovely red damask tablecloth for $10.00. It's 60"x108" and will work perfectly for a large folding banquet-style table we're using. I preferred the fig and spice shades, but they were all out and I don't have time to buy online. I figured red will work for Christmas too and for $10 who can complain? My picture doesn't show off the lovely damask but I'll be sharing more pics for sure. I also picked up a gravy boat ($5) because my husband and I aren't big gravy people and therefore we don't have a boat already. In the past we've used my cow creamer which was funny and gross at the same time because since the gravy comes out of the cow's mouth... you can use your imagination. We'll use it again this year as a second boat for the end of the table with teenagers.

You can pick up wine glasses everywhere-- Target has 3 packs for $3 and dollar stores have them for a buck each but I was really sold on this set of 12 at World Market. We rarely use wine glasses and I'm not the kind of person that has to have perfect, beautiful, expensive glasses. With limited space for dishes and the like, I also wondered where they would end up after holiday entertaining. This set of 12 was $25 on sale for $19.99. They come in a great storage box that is sturdy and has handles. Each glass ends up being about $1.66 plus I have this awesome box which will make my life so much easier. I also had a coupon for $10 off when you spend $30. So I got the tablecloth, gravy boat and wine glasses all for about $25.

I was also super excited to see that Dollar Tree has serving utensils that aren't plastic. They are much nicer than I thought they would be for a buck a piece. I bought a variety of spoons, slotted spoons and pie servers. I like that they'll all match and now I have them for whenever else I'll need a bunch for entertaining.

Our frig is soooo full and can't hold anything else. I have some new recipes that I'm trying out for Thanksgiving and can't wait to share them. They're perfect for Christmas and New Year's dinner side dishes, so stay tuned. I'll also be doing a Chanukkah recipe EVERYDAY starting Friday!

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