Sunday, December 8, 2013

Banana Raspberry Holiday Cornbread

I made this the other day as an experiment and it turned out so, so yummy. You don't have to tell anyone how easy this is to make or that it isn't made from scratch-- unless you want to of course :P

I love working with bananas. They freeze perfectly. I like to slice them up before storing them in the freezer but sometimes it's a mad dash to keep them from spoiling and I just toss them directly in as they are. We eat and bake with bananas a lot, so we usually have them on hand. I like to use frozen bananas in my ensure smoothies and instantly thought of them when I was brainstorming about cornbread recipes and how to dress up regular old jiffy cornbread. Frozen bananas are great as long as you're baking with them or using them as an ingredient. Eating them like this would be weird and difficult. If still in the peel, I let the banana sit on a paper towel at room temperature until squishy. Then I snip the top off with cooking scissors. The banana emerges like a goopy, messy slug. It doesn't look very appetizing-- especially in my pictures. I know.

This little boxed mix calls for an egg and milk. To that I added one banana and a small handful of raspberries. I like to buy berries fresh and then freeze them at home. These berries are thawed in almost no time.

This is easily mixed by hand, but I like to use my electric hand mixer to really break down the raspberries. You're left with a lovely, pinkish batter. I always cook this size cornbread in my Pyrex pie plate because it's the perfect size, and it makes cutting and serving slices a breeze.

This tastes like heaven when it's fresh from the oven with Cool Whip-- I know I say that about everything! But even if you skip the whipped topping, this cake/bread really sings when it's warm. Don't forget to save some raspberries for garnish!

What's your favorite way to eat cornbread and what kinds of things do you like to add to it?

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  1. Yum! I love Jiffy mixes. I sometimes use the cornbread mix, then add in mashed banana and about 3 tablespoons of peanut butter. Super yummy, super moist peanut butter and banana muffins!

    1. The peanut butter idea sounds great! Can't wait to try that. Thanks for stopping by :)