Sunday, December 22, 2013

Betty Crocker Hot Chocolate Cupcake Mix and Review

I somehow injured my sacroiliac joint back on the 12th. I've been on bedrest since then. Boo. I'm finally able to move around a little bit in spurts and had to do some baking. HAD TO. Sitting still and not being able to cook or bake is murder on my soul. Especially this close to Christmas.

I picked up some goodies from the Target Christmas baking section a few weeks back and have been dying to try out (and review) these hot chocolate cupcakes. I also purchased a frosting, not even realizing it says right on the box that they come with their own frosting.

The cake mix smells exactly like hot cocoa mix and even has mini marshmallows.

The cake mix itself is standard and calls for the usual two eggs, oil, and water. The frosting packet calls for boiling water and whisking-- it ends up looking and tasting very similar to marshmallow fluff.

I finished my Christmas cupcakes with some large/coarse sugar sprinkles in blue and white (to simulate snow) and some cute little gingerbread men by Wilton. I love how the frosting and peeking cupcake resemble little patches of melting snow. Talk about happy little accidents!

I'm sometimes turned off by seasonal-flavored baking mixes-- I'm a weirdo. Having said that, these cupcakes came out super yummy. My taste buds enjoyed all of their hot-chocolaty goodness and my recently-injured being definitely enjoyed how quickly and easily they came together. I'd definitely recommend buying and making these hot chocolate cupcakes (By Betty Crocker) if you need something quick and yummy in the coming days.

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  1. Your cupcakes are so charming! But I hope you are taking it easy and that you are up on your feet soon! :)