Monday, December 23, 2013

Chocolate Covered Cherry Oatmeal Cookies

Cookies cookies cookies! This recipe combines two of my favorite things: Cherry Cordial Hershey Kisses and Oatmeal Cookies.

This recipe is the same as my recipe for Pumpkin Kissed Oatmeal Cookies, just use cherry kisses instead. Believe it or not, I would have never tried this combination if it was not for Bonnie Purcell. Bonnie is a very nice woman who I met via Words with Friends. She messaged me one day to let me know she had made a whole slew of oatmeal cookies for a party she was catering. She couldn't find the pumpkin kisses in her area, so she used other seasonal flavors including: peppermint, white chocolate, cherry cordial, and caramel.

She also mentioned that peppermint was everyone's favorite-- even people who didn't like peppermint. I really wanted to try to whip up a peppermint batch, but I've been having a hard time finding peppermint kisses this close to Christmas in my tiny farm town. I think I simply waited too long. Oh well. Thanks again Bonnie :)

When making this recipe, I noticed that I used 8 oz of Cherry Cordial Kisses while the Pumpkin Spice Kisses came in a 10 oz bag. I checked a few stores and noticed all the Cherry flavors came in 8 oz bags. Not sure where the discrepancy lies (maybe in the different fillings) but the 8 oz of Cherry Cordial Kisses worked perfectly. Click here for the full recipe and instructions. Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

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