Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Recipe Box

I'm back!  Where have I been?  Who do I think I am?  Happy New Year!

It's been 665 days since my last post-- or 1 year, 9 months, 25 days, which I know because I just Googled to figure out exactly how long it's been.  Did you miss me, because I really really missed you!

In 2014, I left this little blog for a real job in corporate America.  It was actually really great and I ended up a Communications Coordinator, which to date is the most grown up, adult-esque job I have ever had EVER which also utilized my fancy degree.  I got paid to code html, write, take pictures, design banners, shoot and edit film, etc.  It was an amazing experience that I will always treasure.  I sadly resigned right before Halloween after recovering from a few surgeries and struggling all summer with newly diagnosed post traumatic stress and anxiety disorders.  Leaving my job was a difficult decision but I thank my lucky stars for my amazing husband and family and of course, my best friend, Sarah.

So for the past two months I have been selling antiques and moonlighting as an Uber driver.  Getting back to my DIY roots and routine has really been a Band-aid for my soul.  Sarah, who is truly more of a sister and second spouse than just a best friend, recently gifted me this amazing box of over 100 mostly hand-written vintage recipes which date from the 1930s-80s (pictured above).  It was just the remedy and kick in the pants that I needed to rekindle my relationship with cooking, baking, and this blog.  I waited for today to make this decision both official and as kind of New Year's Resolution/Goal.

I'm excited to be back and happy that you're here for the ride.  I love to share my ideas, tips, and glimpses into my little life.  You can always spot me on instagram for your daily dose of Heather.  Happy New Year (again) and stay tuned!

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